Make your People grow, make the Business grow

Zenks is the mobile tool that helps improving feedback and communication in your company.

Zenks! it is more than just an app.

Zenks! It is the tool that facilitates personal interrelationship, measuring the team pulse encourages teamwork, communication and constant feedback.

Know the opinion of your team members about events, ideas and proposals.

Create employee surveys and gain insight into staff morale. Receive real time feedback from selected groups or the entire company.
Also you can provide new colleagues with the welcome they deserve.
Quiz team members and track their knowledge levels and progress over time.

Recognize your Teammates and make People grow

Zenks! is simple to set up and easy to use. Allowing you to create a performance management process that drives a culture of feedback.

With Zenks! you can focus on achieving business objectives and retaining your best people.

1. Evaluations

Teammates can give and receive continuous feedback in real time.

- Objective and in-time feedback
- Generate actions for the team
- Continuous improvement
- Selection of which core values/ skills to evaluate

2. Recognitions

Members of the company can send "Zenks" messages with recognitions.

- Proactive recognition.
- Realtime PKIs.
- Leaders radar.

3. Communication

With communication your team can keep track of news, events, polls and surveys.

- Charts and results in real time
- Share news and internal announcements.
- Push notifications


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For smaller teams. Everything needed to get started.
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Perfect for mid-sized teams working across multiple locations.
Built for large entreprise organizations.

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